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About The One Minute Negotiator

New York Times Best Seller---Don Hutson and The One Minute NegotiatorConquer Negotiaphobia!

Does the prospect of negotiating make you tense?

Do you find yourself avoiding negotiations whenever you can?

You may have negotiaphobia!  Now for some GOOD NEWS: There is a cure!

In this engaging business parable Don Hutson and George Lucas show you a simple yet profound negotiating approach anyone can use in any kind of setting, from competitive and adversarial to cooperative and collegial.  Get the best possible outcome every time — without unnecessarily making enemies or giving yourself an ulcer.

Negotiation impacts every aspect of our lives, from the deals we strike on the job, to our relationships with family members and neighbors to the transactions we make as customers.  Yet most people do anything they can to avoid negotiating–it makes them uncomfortable, nervous and even frightened.  The plague of negotiaphobia is what Don Hutson and George Lucas are here to remedy!

Hutson and Lucas tell the tale of Jay Baxter, who sells more than anyone else in his company but finds himself in trouble because his profit margins are so slim–he’s giving too much away to close the deal.  Enter the One Minute Negotiator, who teaches him a three step negotiating process that not only helps him make more profit per sale but can be applied anywhere on the job or off.

The key to the process is flexibility.  Most books on negotiation preach one of two gospels:  thou shalt collaborate or thou shalt compete.  But, no two negotiations are alike—one strategy cannot fit all.  The One Minute Negotiator teaches you four viable strategies and shows you how to choose the one best suited to the situation, your own inclinations, and the strategy being used by the other side.

Besides the obvious benefits, conquering negotiaphobia will reduce your stress level.  You’ll never walk away thinking about what you should have asked for or might have gotten.  Instead, with the tools Hutson and Lucas provide, you can confidently and consistently guide any negotiation to the best possible conclusion.

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